My New Outlook on Food, Life, and Adventure

Recently I was given some bad news.

Im going to have to get surgery on my hip.

Which really is a bummer because I was just looking into creating my new bucket list or more what I am now calling my “Liv List”.

My Liv List is similar to a bucket list but I like the new name I was shown for this Youtube™ video about becoming a LIV Promoter which means you help people create rich experiences through adventures and not waiting for retirement to start “living”.

Personally, I always thought that I would be able to travel and do things when I got older.

While I may have the financial means to do so now, at 58, my problem is my physical health. I dont exactly feel like a little kid again…

So, with the recent news of my hip surgery Ive began to be more mindful of my food choices, committing to be for “function focused” on my movement exercises, and have started to list out my Liv List to begin to check off one fun experience at a time.

It wont be easy but it will be worth it.

My fear is looking back 5 years from now and not have gotten any better or worse moved backwards in my pursuit of living a better life.

I want to connect with family and friends more often, I want to learn new hobbies and see new things.

One of my long time goals, and top of my Liv List, wasI mean IS– to visit the African Safari and photograph the amazing great plains of the Savannah with all the amazing Lions, Elephants, and Antelope roaming the vast lands free to do what they please in perfect harmony (omg that jingle is now stuck in my head lol)

It wont be easy but it will be worth it. Im just going to focus on taking it one day at a time and enjoy the journey.

I encourage you to do so as well.

let me know in the comments what is your Liv List? 


Landscaping photography tips

It doesn’t really matter where you decide to shoot.
Whether your location is in the tropical beaches of the Caribbean,  in the rain forests of South America, or in the Sahara Desert, being a landscape photographer is all about the experience.
[Before I get into the details of my newly found passion I want you to know that this website is not associated the with Facebook™ page:
I just really liked the name so I ran with it…
Now that we got that out of the way, lets begin….
 First of all you’re going to need to plan things out as if you were a professional.  Be sure to check the weather ahead of time. Do you want to know when the sunrises and when the sand sets at your chosen destination.  Lighting is key to the perfect shot.
 Make sure you pick the correct lens. Landscape photography normally uses a wide variety of lenses. Close-up shots all the way to telephoto shots.   The most recommended is something with the wide field of view.
 Be careful when packing your equipment. Anything could happen. You don’t know who maybe throw in your luggage around. If it all possible keep the most valuable equipment on your person.
You may or may not want to use filters. In nature,  there’s usually no need for a filter.  Plus when you add filters, it could decrease your shutter speed. If you see that it dips below 1/125 sec, place the camera to a tripod.  Use the remote to take the picture so you don’t need to touch the camera.
 Be sure to maximize your sharpness. Even when using a narrow aperture, if you focus on the wrong part of the scene, things may still be out of focus in the background.
 Be sure to capture the details in the sky. Normally the bottom half of your picture will be dedicated to the scenery, in the landscape you’re taking. The upper half will be the sky, clouds, hues of  a beautiful blue color, and things like these make incredible pictures.
 do not save the drama for your mama. It may become overcast, or you may see a raincloud about to burst forth. This does not mean that your photo time is over. You may be in the middle of a beautiful photo shoot.  Lightning, rain clouds, wind blowing trees and other debris, make for dramatic photos.
 discover minimalism. Minimal landscapes are incredible. They can be just a few simple trees popping out of a barren desert, or three totem poles sticking up out of the sand. give it a try, we are sure that you agree this is a winning formula.